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What to do if you get lost hiking?

Or “How to get unlost” when bushwalking Last Updated Nov 12, 2019 In 1987 pioneering Aussie bushwalker and businessman Paddy Pallin wrote a book called, ‘Never Truly Lost’. It’s a classic from the traditional style of bushwalking (what many now refer to as ‘hiking’… oh, the controversy!) and as a statement, touches on the soul … Read more

Introduction to Navigation


This 2 day course will introduce you to the fundamentals of navigation with a map and compass and open up the world of off-track adventures.

The hidden world of canyoning

Up in the Blue Mountains, 2hrs from Sydney and the nearest surf beach, there’s a hidden and adventurous water world that is best experienced from inside the warm comfort of a snug fitting wetsuit. Welcome to the world of canyoning. What is canyoning? Canyoning is the adventure sport where you follow ancient water courses down … Read more

How to start Trailrunning

Do you remember that feeling as a kid, of running along and the sense of utter freedom that it brought? I’ve often wondered why when we grow up, unless we’re a sporty type, we tend to stop running. It seems as though we somehow start to see it as a competitive style form of athletics, … Read more

LotsaFreshAir 20K FB Follower Giveaway

Terms and Conditions The Promoter The Promoter is Juicy Projects Pty Limited, trading as LotsaFreshAir of Katoomba NSW 2780.  Eligibility Entry is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand over 14 years of age. Employees, immediate family members of employees, employees of any company associated with the Promotion are ineligible to enter. Entrants will … Read more

Nemo Tensor 20R Sleeping Mat

Sleeping Mat Gear Review Being comfortable enough (or tired enough) to get a good night’s sleep in the bush is one of the key complaints that people have when thinking about staying out overnight and camping. Over the years I’ve slept on different types of sleeping mats, mostly from the traditional players in the field, … Read more

10 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Season for Aussie Hiking

I know you think you’d rather be tucked up warm inside, reading a good book or bingeing on Netflix, but if you do, you’ll be missing out on the best season for hiking in Australia. Here’s why: Our pioneering bushwalking fore-fathers… (and mothers) – people like Paddy Pallin or the legend, Dot Butler – had … Read more

Suunto Spartan Baro HR Review

Apart from a map and compass, the most important tool for navigating in the bush is a watch. Just a humble, everyday, bog standard, time telling watch. It helps you work out how fast you’re travelling, how long it will take to get somewhere and offers clues to your location and finding your way. These … Read more

When is it too hot for hiking?

I get it. It’s summer, you’re on holidays and you’ve finally got the time to go out on your bucket list bushwalking adventure. We may even feel it’s our right to reward ourselves at this time of year by throwing on our backpack, stepping away from urban life and embracing an adventure that we’ve possibly … Read more

Summer Camping and Bushwalking Ideas – ABC Radio Segment

Thanks to everyone who tuned (and called!) in to the segment on ABC Radio yesterday with the lovely Jen Fleming (filling in for Simon Marnie) on Weekends, where I was joined by Matt from Wildwalks and chatted through some ideas for bushwalking and camping over the Summer holidays. We had so much material that we … Read more

Claustral Canyon VR experience

To enter a canyon is to enter another world. The canyons of the Blue Mountains in Australia, carved over millions of years through sandstone, are home to myriad of creatures and unique plants. Ferns, mosses, lichen, fungus, yabbies, water spiders and frogs, all washed by the waters that continue to move, carve, tickle and dance … Read more

What is a Bivvy Bag? (And can it replace my tent?)

Last Updated Nov 21, 2019 Macpac Alpine Cocoon Gear Review When it comes to sheltering from the elements in our amazing outdoors, there are many options available to us and one of the most minimalist types is a Bivvy Bag. The obvious and most common solution is a tent, but it’s good to know that … Read more

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