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How to Navigate with a Map & Compass

Part 3 – Basic Navigation In part one of this article I covered off the basics of map reading including how to choose the right map, learning to identify the various geographical features came in part two, along with what they look like in reality compared to a printed map. Planning your route The next step … Read more

30 Day Challenge to Overnight Hiking

For many of us outdoor lovers, the thought of taking the step from day walks to overnight hiking (ie. camping out) with everything on our backs, can sometimes feel more like a bungee jump, than a single step. The truth is, with the right knowledge and some practice, it can simply be a matter of … Read more

37km hike to the wreck of the Stinson Crash Site

Is that really my alarm going off at 3.15am? I confess that I’ve always had an aversion to commercial guides who insist on waking you up for an early start, but in this case, I’m happy to let my circadian rhythms crash out of any sense of timing and drag myself towards breakfast at stupid … Read more

How to Navigate with a Map & Compass

Part 2 – Identifying Landforms In Part 1 of How to navigate, we looked at the reasons why learning to navigate with a map and compass is a great idea (not to mention fun), whilst kicking off with the basics such as; which maps to use, how to use grid references to describe a location and also measuring … Read more

Bushfire Safety for Hikers

Here in Australia, we are acutely aware of the devastating effect of Bushfires. In the US and elsewhere, where they’re called Wildfires, they’ve also seen the same massive damage to property and loss of life and habitat. By their very nature, fires generally happen in wilderness and national parks – the very places we love … Read more

Christmas Books for Outdoorsy Types

Yes, I know. Surely it can’t be time to think about Christmas gifts already. Wasn’t it only last month that we packed down the Christmas tree and re-gifted Uncle Fred’s fondue set and Cousin Thelma’s car wash kit? Fear not my intrepid friends. I come with gift ideas (of the literary type) to inspire and to … Read more

How to Navigate with a Map & Compass

Part 1 – How to Read a Topographic Map One of the major excuses I hear from people (mostly women) not wanting to step up and lead hikes or outdoor adventure trips is their lack of navigation skills. I feel that like so many other things in life, although some people may demonstrate a natural ability with directions … Read more

1 simple thing that could save your life when hiking

Let’s get philosophical for a minute. Where are you going and how are you going to get there? It’s a foundational question for the bigger picture of our lives, but it’s also a critical foundation for our outdoors adventures as well. I know it sounds kind of basic, like hiking 101, and some of you … Read more

Connecting to the ‘Why’

Sigh. Don’t worry, that’s not one of those sighs of frustration or exhaustion. It’s one of those sighs of contentment –  like settling down into the couch, with a hot cuppa and a slice of raisin toast smothered in butter. It’s also a sigh which goes some way to explain the silence over the last … Read more

6 Tips for Finding Bushwalks in NSW

I often get asked, “Where are places that I can go bushwalking”? or “How do I find walks that are suited to my experience level”? Like a loaded gun, these questions are full of possibilities and adventures – good and bad. Imagine picking somewhere that put you waaaay out of your comfort zone and resulted … Read more

12 Australian Native Orchids to stop you in your tracks

Depending on your style of walking, sometimes it’s easy to miss the small things. The minute detail of a tiny leaf, the animal shapes that appear in the clouds or industrious ants teaming together to lug something three times their size back to their homes. Well, I confess to sometimes being on a mission when … Read more

A Mans Guide to Periods

or for the Aussie’s… A Bloke’s Guide to Periods When I was in high school my mates called me “Bush”, and not because I was a great outdoorsman. Actually, I had no idea what I was doing, but I loved bushwalking and camping and having a crack. Eventually, after a few career dead ends, I … Read more

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