I’m Caro,

the Unexpected Outdoors Chick.

LotsaFreshAir is all about the ‘how to’ of having adventures in the great outdoors, mixed with a bunch of inspiration and a bucket-load of encouragement to help you say ‘yes’ to adventure.

Hiking and bushwalking totally changed my life and I’m passionate about helping others connect with nature in meaningful, active (and fun!) ways.

How to?
Backpacking sitting on rocks by a waterfall

What the heck is a pee rag?

Does Medicare cover Ambulance

Does Medicare cover ambulance?


Best FUD for hiking

Where to?

Hike with me in the Bungle Bungles June 2020


Hiking The Razorback Hotham to Harrietville


Things to do in Falls Creek in Summer

“It doesn’t matter if you take a short easy walk to a lookout, or carry a pack off-track for weeks at a time. Both are equally valid.”
Bushwalking & Hiking Tips from an Unexpected Outdoors Chick

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