Rescued Podcast // Ep 002 – Matt U’Brien

Stories from Blue Mountains Police Rescue Squad

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Matt U’Brien’s story is powerful.

During his 17-year policing career (mostly within the Blue Mountains Police Rescue Squad), he’s done literally hundreds of rescues and saved countless lives whilst risking his own. 

What’s unique about Matt, is that during this time he also found himself in the critical position of needing to be rescued himself. 

For this, and many more reasons, I’ve asked him to join me for a special double episode to share his experiences from both sides of the rescue coin.

We talk about what led him to join Police Rescue, his love of the bush and canyoning, and some of his insights from years of helping out people like you and me, who just love being in nature. Oh, and if you’re squeamish about your family jewels, you might want to stop listening between 19:30-21:00.


Download the transcript here.

Where is Matt today?

Today, he’s on a different journey, one that comes as a consequence of his years spent serving the community, often being alongside people on the worst day of their lives. This year will see him travel 2,400 km from the Lambert centre of Australia (Heart of Country), to Parliament House in Canberra (Heart of Nation), with a critical message for our Country’s leaders.

He is host of the Heart to Heart Walk Podcast, where we hear stories from current and past emergency services workers and look at the critical issue of first responder mental health.

The podcast is part of the Heart to Heart Walk project that we hear about in our episode.

Trigger warning

The content in this episode may be confronting and difficult for some listeners; it includes issues of PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicide and trauma. Remember, if you need help, reach out by Googling ‘Mental Health Helpline’ in your area.

In Australia, you can call Lifeline 24/7 on 13 11 14 or visit

Further urgent help and information for first responders can be found at Phoenix Australia.

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