Mt Kosciuszko – Australia’s Highest Mountain

From the DRUANTH (Down-Right-Un-Australian-Not-To-Have) list comes yet another admission from yours truly. Although not strictly on my list as way back in my childhood, back when it was possible to drive from Charlotte Pass to Rawson Pass (up until 1977… just showing my age!), this whippersnapper was dragged up Mt Kosciusko – Australia’s highest mountain.

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Road above Snowgums Chairlift
Traipsing up the road from Snowgums Chairlift (Kosci Express was closed that day!)

I’m thankful to my non-outdoorsy parents that they took us kids on road trips in our childhood to places iconic (Big Banana and Big Pineapple) and otherwise (Armidale), in their pursuit of holidays on a tight budget.

Beautiful day on top of Australia, looking towards Mt Kosciuszko
Beautiful day on top of Australia, looking towards Mt Kosciuszko

The thing is, I had no memory of ascending our grand Aussie peak, so was excited to find myself down in The Snowys last year, two weeks before Winter was due, with a spare afternoon up my sleeve, a couple of mates and a pair of snowshoes.

On the way back down towards Rawson Pass
Gavin and Dave heading back down towards Rawson Pass

Now I’m not usually a peak bagging type of chick, so it was kind of ironic that one of my mates with me on the day is undertaking the Seven Summits (Go Gav, Hugh, Bridie Go!). The fact that anyone wanting to undertake this immense challenge must not only conquer the highest peaks on each of the other six continents, with some of the most technical and difficult mountaineering challenges around, but they must also face the challenge of the gentle slopes, boardwalks and sometimes, the crowds of Mt Kosciuszko – Australia’s Highest Mountain – makes me smile just thinking about it.

National Parks have made the trip up Kosci/Kozi (as us Aussie’s call it) within most people’s reach, given average fitness and ability. Summer is peak period with New Year’s Eve on the Summit becoming a bit of a ‘thing’.

For more info on snowshoeing adventures, including videos check out my other post.

Snow Shoes
My first time on snow shoes… and only one face plant!

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