Crystal clear waters of Ettrema Creek

Keeping everything as clear as Etrema Creek (Morton NP)

There’s many different ways that blogs can earn income from their work. Some of these are:

  • Advertising
  • Sponsored Posts (ie. I am paid) for writing a post and giving the brand access to my audience
  • Gear Reviews (as per Sponsored Posts)
  • Affiliate links (If you buy the product through the link on my blog, it means that I receive a small percentage of the sale price. You’re not charged any extra for this, the seller simply shares some of their profits with me.) I am an Amazon Affiliate.

Also, just because I write or mention other products, doesn’t mean that I’ve received them for free or are being paid for it. I will regularly chat about things and experiences that I’ve had and there’s no strings attached.

I try to only accept offers and products that not only interest me, but will also interest the ‘Freshies… that is this tribe and audience. However, any reviews provided of products are not endorsements or recommendations, they just reflect my personal view of the product. People should make up their own mind about the suitability of the product for their purposes before purchase.

However, one thing I (Lotsafreshair) won’t do is sell my opinion. Essentially, I can’t be bought. If I like something, I will say so and why. If I don’t, I will also say so and why. In essence, you can buy my time to write about a product, but you can’t buy my opinion.

What I want to do is encourage people to get out into and experience wild places. If a product or service will help people do that, and is (in my opinion) a good offering, I will say so.

If you are a commercial entity, wanting me to build your brand or help you sell products, please expect that I will request to be fairly compensated for my time (and the reach of my audience) to provide that advertising for you.

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