Food for Overnight Hikes

I have a confession to make…


In fact, half a fresh cauliflower. That’s just under half a kilo of vegetable.

It was October 1999 and that half a kilo of tasty veg was sitting at the top of my backpack, whilst my cousin shouldered an equal amount of fresh broccoli. We had set off from Katoomba station to start a 5 day (132km) walk to Mittagong in the New South Wales Southern Highlands. You could say that what we lacked in track-smarts we made up for in enthusiasm and sense of adventure… Oh, and a 23kg pack. Yes. 23.

We really had no idea. We also didn’t have the knowledge of having walked and learned from a bushwalking club or knowing where to go looking for advice on the internet.

Thankfully, since then, I’ve learnt a thing or two! Here’s some basics on how to get started on your culinary adventures in the bush and how to avoid what George and Gary would call, ‘a world of pain’. Essentially, some basics of food for overnight hikes.

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  1. Karl says

    Hey Caro, Great summary. Like the porridge/dried berry idea, will try it and didn’t realise the rice cracker/billy symmetry nor the salami processing issue till you pointed it out. Must admit despite being an a real keen ultralighter, I just can’t bring myself to eat out of a ziplock (or even the billy that often), preferring my 18g ‘glad’ container.

    • says

      Thanks Karl… just one thing on the overnight porridge/fruit thing, if you’re sleeping under a fly or in an area that is renowned for critters, you might want to weigh the lid down with a rock :-)

  2. says

    hey I’m a newy to the group and love the advice …still learning from all yo uguys
    may i add a bit of insight to the porridge/oat breaky…I never cook my porridge I always soak it in room temp filtered water about 10-20 mins b4 eating and its ready to go..this is even for rolled oats, I sometimes add almond meal dried fruit to increase its protein value
    Overall loved your video thanks again :)

    • says

      Great tip Tammy and good advice re: the added protein, especially for the vego’s… Having said that getting enough protein in the bush can be tricky – so good tip for all! Good to know that I don’t have to soak it for the full overnight as I suggest in the video. When you say “new to group”, do you mean If so, WELCOME ABOARD for the adventure of your life.

      • says

        Your very welcome and thanks so much Ive done 2 walks and just love it…looking forward to many more
        Do you have any tips on cheapish online bushwalking clothing?


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