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Best Blue Mountains Hikes – Colliers Causeway

Centennial Pass to Porters Pass via Colliers Causeway When it comes to things to do in the Blue Mountains, going for a bushwalk or hike is usually somewhere near the top of everyone’s list. Here’s one of the best Blue Mountains hikes of around 3-4 hours and best of all, it’s not affected by the … Read more

Navigation Course Blue Mountains

One of the biggest changes to my bushwalking and hiking experience came when I finally learnt how to navigate with a map and compass. It wasn’t just about the theory of how to take bearings or even understanding how to read a topographic map, it was when the lights started going on and everything started … Read more

Blue Mountains Geographical Encyclopaedia: Book Review

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.”… or so Juliet said to Romeo in the 1500’s. Jump to today and think about places around you, your town, your favourite lookout, river, ridge or mountain. Just like Shakespeare’s classic tale, there’s a story behind every … Read more

Blue Mountains – Open for business… Still!

Last Updated Nov 22, 2019 November 2019 Update: Since moving to the Blue Mountains in 2017, I’ve become aware of a certain understanding that comes from people who’ve been here for many generations, seeing many bushfires come and go. I call it, ‘To hold people tightly and things lightly.’ Over this month, we’ve seen fires … Read more

The real cost of entering a closed national park

It didn’t matter whether we saw flames, smoke or just watched on physically disconnected through our digital devices, the summer of 2019-2020 will leave a scar on us all long after the epicormic growth has sprouted. Now that the immediate crisis has passed and we’ve moved to recovery, we’re trying to figure out what that … Read more

Macpac Rhyolite Backpack Review

The pack I wanted to hate but ended up loving I can still hear the words of my old bushwalking mentor ringing in my ears. “Never buy a pack with a zipper”. His opinion was based on what appeared to be sound advice to my then novice ears and became a gospel that I preached … Read more

Rescue from the K2K Kanangra to Katoomba route

Unfortunately, not every callout ends well, so when I received an SMS alert* late one hot Summer’s afternoon for a PLB activation on the Kanangra to Katoomba K2K route, in the remote Kanangra-Boyd National Park, I feared the worst for this solo walker.  However, unlike other callouts to this same route (two I’ve been involved … Read more

How to choose a hike

16 tips to help you choose a hike that’s right for you One of the most common reasons that search and rescue callouts happen is because hikers have underestimated something. Either the terrain, the time, their capabilities or the elements. Here’s a few questions you could ask yourself to help judge if you’re going to … Read more

Nemo Tensor Insulated Sleeping Pad Review

If you’ve ever slept on the newer style inflatable sleeping mats (as opposed to the traditional Thermarest self-inflating or foamie styles), you’ll know that one of the biggest issues is a noisy one. Whilst you might sleep soundly and comfortably, your tent neighbours might think otherwise. When the folk at US based NEMO released their … Read more

History of Bushwalking

Last Updated Nov 21, 2019 Part 2 : From Clubs to the Future Read Part 1 of the History of Bushwalking here. The Detractors But not all was sunny days and picnic sing-a-longs. For many conservative parts of society, the immense interest in the Mystery Hikes were not seen as a healthy pursuit of active … Read more

History of Bushwalking

Part 1 : from origins to clubs Hiking and bushwalking is experiencing a renaissance in Australia. Gaining momentum through the growth in MeetUp groups and the spread of social media, many of us are being inspired to take to the bush with a desire to escape our urban jungles. But where did this all start? … Read more

Down Jacket Review : Macpac Icefall

I’ll never forget my first down jacket. It was a game-changer for how I experienced the outdoors in winter and how I went from diving for my sleeping bag soon after sunset, to enjoying cold nights and brisk mornings without shivering. Why I love down jackets Up until that first down jacket, I’d persevered with … Read more

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