Rescued Podcast // Ep 007 – James is Buried Alive

How a 5 day backcountry ski trip went bad

In what must be the most basic of human fears, James woke up to find himself buried alive.

Outside, the wind buffeted the Main Range, out past Mt Kosciusko, but all was quiet inside his cosy, white snow cave.

In this episode of Rescued, we hear from James and his mate Dylan, as they talk about their two very different experiences of this epic backcountry adventure and how escape was just the beginning.

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Key story takeaways

  • The importance of understanding and managing group dynamics and communication in a crisis
  • Understanding a patient’s lack of agency when others make decisions
  • The power of asking for help and knowing that you need it
  • How decision-making is affected when fatigued
  • How the ability to navigate is affected when fatigued
  • Ability to recognise when making poor decisions and avoid making more
  • The importance and value of debriefing 
  • The Importance of listening, not interrupting and feeling heard
  • Telling stories can be a great way of processing trauma
  • You can have all the gadgets and support networks, but it comes down to your capability within yourself and your group when it comes to dealing with the bad times in the bush
  • Don’t hesitate to call for help. Consider why you would hesitate to call for help
  • The importance of choosing adventures in your skill set
  • Know that things will go wrong sometimes, but they can be a great teacher for life

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