Connecting kids to Nature

Do you have a memory of school camp? Was it a good memory? For me, one of the things I remember the most is the enthusiasm of the camp leaders and how they tried endlessly to get us all involved in activities and to feel a part of both the group and nature. They were passionate about connecting kids to nature.

connecting kids to nature
Captivating and creative activities with JOIN.

Times have changed and it’s now decades since I paddled a canoe near Wisemans Ferry and bunked down in a basic hut, shoulder to shoulder with 7 of my classmates.

Modern outdoor education has become not only an industry, but a safer, more regulated (eg. working with children checks) and professional operation.

connecting kids to nature
What do kids love talking about?

It’s also competitive. If you’ve ever had to organise a school (or Scouts, Guides, Pathfinders, Duke of Ed or church) camp, you’ll know that there are many different types of operators and venues/sites, each promising to take good care of little Maddie and Jack, whilst aiming to connect them to the great outdoors. In fact, if you read one of their websites, you may as well be reading them all. They all seem much the same.

That’s why when I bumped into the women behind Journey Outdoors in Nature (JOIN), I got immediately excited. They sounded different. 

YouTube video
Watch what happened when I hung out with Jemma, Tegan and Laura from JOIN

I met up with them to hear about what makes JOIN different and why they decided to start the business. It’s inspirational and (almost) makes me wish I had little people in my life that I could send to them. At its core, it’s about connecting kids to nature and to themselves.

“It’s never too late to find the wild kid in the wild adult.” (Laura, Journey Outdoors in Nature)

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