Macpac $500 Gift Card Giveaway

Winter is coming and there’s no better time to try and grab yourself $500 worth of choice Macpac hiking gear than right now.

This is music to the ears of all bushwalkers and hikers, as it is peak season for getting out amongst it all… as long as you’ve got the right gear that is.

Ah, blissing out (with wistful look #1) with top quality mates (I see you Jon, Yoon and Rubi! – it was FUN!) for Macpac on the Warrumbungles shoot

Thanks to the nice folk at Macpac, I have the perfect start to your winter walking missions, with the chance to land yourself a sweet $500 worth of toasty gear. Maybe you need a new backpack? Tent? Down-jacket? Or maybe you just need 16 pairs of socks, whatever is on your hiking gear wish list, this should help you tick some boxes.

That time we literally had to run up the Grand High Tops with full packs to get to this point in time for sunset.

Simply pop your details in the form below and you’ll go into the random draw. Good luck!

Voice in my head… “It’s 6.30 am, keep an eye on the ground, don’t trip over Caro, smile… you’re wearing your favourite Rhyolite backpack.”

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