Lightweight Hiking Tip: Drying Wet Wipes

It goes without saying that if you want to enjoy your time walking or trekking to wild places, then getting into lightweight hiking gear is going to be one of your top priorities.

Now if the whole concept of lightweight walking or even ‘ultra’ lightweight walking is all news to you, then this post is going to be a bit of an eye opener.

Lightweight Hiking Drying Wet Wipes
BEFORE : A pack of Wet Ones – 57 grams (2 ounces)

Yes, there is a whole sub-culture of hikers who measure their success not only by amazing outdoors experiences, but by the grams of weight in their gear they’ve been able to save through smart choices. There’s lots of good reasons to do so such as less wear and tear on your knees and ankles, more stability on your feet and less drain on your energy = happier campers all round. Can someone give me a whoop whoop?

Lightweight Hiking Drying Wet Wipes
DURING : Just like hanging out the washing to dry. Wet Wipes drying outside.

However there is a sub-sub culture of these amazing hikers who go to the ‘enth’ degree to shave off any excess weight in their kit. There are loads of forums and websites devoted to this kind of, well devotion and I commend them, however I’m not one of them – I waft between a lightweight (10kgs) pack and regular (14kgs) pack weight depending on the trip and season.

Lightweight Hiking Drying Wet Wipes
AFTER : 17 grams (0.6 ounces) – just add a few drops of water before use!

As I write this, my good friends are camping out on the top of Brinkleys Bluff which is a key spot on their epic Larapinta Track journey. Sadly, I had to cancel out of this 14 day end-to-end trip due to work commitments, but stay tuned as I’m going to be doing it on a commercial trip in September and can’t wait to be sharing the wonders of this amazing part of Australia with you!

Brinkleys Bluff, Larapinta Track, NT Australia
Brinkleys Bluff (Larapinta Track), Northern Territory, Australia (Pic: Frances Bottrell – taken at 3pm today!)

So, when you’ve got to carry your life on your back for multi days, whilst walking up to 9hrs over rough terrain with ascents and descents, every gram (ounce for your Americans!) counts. And not only that, when you’re sleeping in wild bush camps with no facilities or the ability to shower, carrying a pack or two of Wet Wipes can be the difference between urgh and ahhh. Importantly, it also helps you keep a keen eye on hygiene which is essential to ensure that you don’t get sick out in the bush.

Brinkleys Bluff, Larapinta Track, NT Australia
Becky and Jase smelling sweet today at Brinkleys Bluff – it’s amazing what a little wet wipe can do!

Q:  What’s your favourite way of saving weight in your backpack?


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