A Little Tipple – Drinks in the bush

For those of us who enjoy a nice red with dinner or the ahh moment when the warmth of good liquor runs down the back of our throats around the campfire, there’s a bunch of options.

  1. Wine Sachets: These commercially available little foil wonders are found in some of the bigger bottle shops. In the past, the wine has been of questionable quality, so if you are fussy – these (like the casks) probably aren’t for you. [However, I’ve heard recently that they’ve improved, so please comment if you’ve had some experience.] Pros: Handy, minimal rubbish Cons: Quality?, punctures, weight. Rating: 4/10.
  2. Wine Casks:  Us Aussies are good at inventing things. More often than not it’s from sheer necessity, rather than an interest in stylish design. So along with the Hills Hoist,

    4 litre wine bladder ready for water

    the Victa Lawnmower and the Cochlear Implant, us Aussies developed the infamous wine cask… or ‘goon’ if you’re going to get colloquial. Multiple uses here of course, as the 2-4 litres wine bladders can be re-used for carrying water. It just takes a few trips before your thirst up a steep hill on a hot day is no longer quenched with the dregs of a dodgy Cabernet Merlot or Semillion Chardonnay. Pros: Cheap, enough for you and all your friends. Cons: Quality?, weight, punctures. Rating: 3/10.

  3. The Good Stuff:  Believe it or not, there is a direct connection between the Pump brand water bottles and a good bottle of red… they’re both 750mls.
  4. Honestly, if you are thinking of taking the good stuff out in glass bottles… you need your head read. An empty glass wine bottle weighs just over 400 grams and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be carrying nearly half a kilo of dead weight on my back. Pros: A good red with dinner.  Cons: If you get generous and pass it around there’s not much left for you. Only really good for one night. Rating: 8/10.
  5. More Bang for your Buck:  It’s logical that if you want to carry lighter stuff, but still enjoy a drink (especially for more than just one night) a higher percentage of alcohol is required. Personally, I’ve been introduced to the delights of a few sips of Cointreau after a meal (I mix mine with a little water as I find it pretty strong) thanks to the
    ‘fabulous Frenchies’ in my club (thanks Vivien & Emmanuelle!). Also, our club has it’s own drink (well they like to claim it anyway) which is LRB – Not the band… the drink (see recipe below). When made with OP rum it is a true delight. (Pros: Lighter, longer, stronger, faster. Cons: Hangover. Rating: 9/10.

LRB – Lemon Rum (Barley)

Mix up the Lemon Powder in the billy of hot water to the instructions on the pack. Pour in a good slosh of Rum and Bob’s your uncle… after a few of these, he will also be your Aunt.

Bang for your buck

Bear seen in Aussie bush!
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  1. Smiffy says

    I can also recommend Bénédictine. If you like Glühwein then you’ll probably like Bénédictine. It has a herbally spiced flavour. It also has an excellent alcohol to weight ratio. :)

  2. says

    If I’m so inclined, I’ll pick up a few of the tiny 50 ml bottles of liqueur (like the ones they sell at airports etc.). I find that one is enough for a nice after-dinner drink. They’re very lightweight, easy to pack and carry (even if in a glass bottle) and not expensive. :)

  3. Richard Pattison says

    Nice one Caro, I completely agree, more people should buy Pump water – it comes in different flavours too! And… the sports cap is perfectly suited to sipping wine while on-the-go :o)

    My addition to the tipple blog – beer.

    Don’t think anyone else is stupid enough to carry beer into the bush other than me… but anyway… cans are preferred over bottles due to weight, and they squash down compactly for the next day, although good beer is hard to find in cans, unless you steal James Squire from Qantas…

  4. says

    Hi Mariana,
    Yes, I had this problem too with another blog. It’s not something that I can do from my end. From memory, you have to go back to your initial comment and edit it. Then untick the notify me box.
    Hope that helps!

  5. says

    Well, now that I have learned (here on this blog!) how to pack my back pack properly… there WILL be space for after dinner drinks… something to look forward to at the next hike – and something I had never considered even… due to lack of space or rather lack of packing skills… Thanks heaps!


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