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How to (cheat the) move from Downhill Skiing to XC Skiing

OK, if you’re a purist, one of those telemark gods or goddesses who move effortlessly downhill like the finest ballet dancers, you may want to look away now. This post is not for you. In fact, it may annoy or frustrate you. But here’s the thing… As a pretty confident Intermediate (blue*) parallel skier, I … Read more

Bushwalking/Hiking Etiquette or How to make friends in the Bush (The Unofficial List!)

So, here’s my tips for creating a bunch of happy campers aka The UNOFFICIAL list of Bushwalking or Hiking Etiquette: Don’t be late: For the leader who has planned out the walk, they may have calculated times for all sorts of things, including returning to cars/making camp by sunset or witnessing the once annual mating … Read more

Polar Opposites – When Compasses Go Bad

Last Updated Nov 13, 2019 I’m one of those lucky people who has an in-built compass that most times just knows instinctively which way is North. I think I got it from my Dad, as opposed to my Mum who was from the ‘turn-the-street-directory [remember those?] around-until-it makes-sense-and-then-stop-to-ask-for-directions’, school of navigation. These days, I know … Read more

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