Hiking Tip: Shoelaces

Now even though I’ve proved myself a bit of a fan when it comes to having a good excuse to stop and catch my breath on the track, I’m even more of a fan of finding ways to deal with annoying little things that happen when hiking, namely… having your shoelaces continually come undone.

Trust me, I’d tried everything! Double knot, triple knot and even the running shoe technique of lock laces*. Still no joy… in my frustration I gave up and changed!

I know it seems like a no-brainer, but hey… sometimes it takes me a while!

*BTW, I love that there are whole sites committed to shoe laces. Sigh… the tribes one finds on the internet!

Q: What’s your top tip when it comes to hiking shoes?

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  1. Janey says

    That’s a really interesting post because this is a problem – nylon laces do slip – the ones on my Salomons are bad for this. Double knots help a bit but I’m a bit loath to go to cotton because as you say they can break (always carry a spare).
    I won a pair of Keen Targhee boots last year and the laces on these are grippy as anything despite being made of a synthetic fibre. The difference I think is the Keen laces are woven in such a way that there are little lumps along the entire length which aids grip and locks them in place.

  2. Mike Richter says

    Don’t tie laces too tightly – it just cuts off circulation if your feet swell a bit.

    I arch my foot when tying the laces and that gives me just the right tightness.

    If there’s a long downhill section ahead, then it’s a good idea to lace tightly -it stops your toes getting pounded against the front of your shoes.

  3. says

    Invest the money into buying a good pair. I bought a pair of AKU boots at an outdoor store closing down sale last year. No need to wear them in and not one blister, I’m almost confident enough to trek without bandaids these days 😉

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