Welcome to the new look Lotsafreshair Hiking Blog

I know I’ve been teasing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that some big changes were coming to this hiking blog, so I’m stoked to finally be able to show you all!

When I started the blog two years ago, it was all a bit of an experiment, a bit of fun on the side. It was all about trying to put down all the stuff I’ve learnt from some amazing outdoor mates, as well as through my own adventures (and mis-adventures) along the way (… cauliflower anyone?).

Cauliflower... how not to do light weight hiking food!

Cauliflower… I learnt my lesson in how not to do light weight hiking food!

A major reason why I started the blog, was because there was all this stuff you learn along the way when you start bushwalking, that you wish someone had just told you. Stuff like how to deal with periods in the wild.

The other thing, was that a lot of the voices speaking about hiking on the internet, and on YouTube in particular, seemed to be American men with a focus on survivalist style approaches and into hunting. There was also a strong, “This is the only way” or “My way is the best way”, styled messaging.

I strongly believe that there are many ways to skin cats (whoops – a hunting reference!) and that everyone should test and try things out and adapt things to suit themselves.

Essentially, hiking changed my life and I want to make the discovery and journey into a Bushwalking and outdoors life as accessible and welcoming as possible for everyone.

How hiking makes me feel! (Top of Mt Feathertop, Victorian High Country, Australia).

How hiking makes me feel! (Top of Mt Feathertop, Victorian High Country, Australia).

Now, I must give a massive shout out to the very talented team behind this new look. The design (pretty stuff) comes from the lovely Cath Beaton at Phase Creative and the developing (nerdy, code maven, I am not worthy stuff) from my good buddy Dee Teal aka The Web Princess. Thank you for making me look good!

I really hope you like the new look and importantly, it makes it easier to find stories and articles that you’re interested in. So take a look around and please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

… Here’s to the next part in the Lotsafreshair journey!

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  1. says

    Hi Caro!

    Really enjoy the new layout of your blog! Great stuff!
    I have added to my new blog after joining a bushwalking club and hitting the trails, feel free to check it out. Any feedback or suggestions on improving it would be most welcome…

    Thanks, keep up the great work :-)


    • says

      Hi Dave, Congrats on joining a club – I hope it works for you like mine does for me! Q: Which club did you join?
      Thanks for your kind comments about my blog – glad you like it. Nice trip report about the Memorial Cross and great to use all the full size images for this. Breaking up the text is good. Keep it up and try to post more regularly… I know finding time is tricky!

      • says

        Thanks for the feedback Caro, much appreciated!
        I joined the Diamond Valley Bushwalking Club, based in Eltham, Victoria (northern suburbs of Melbourne).
        You can find them here: http://www.diamondvalleybwc.org.au
        They are fairly local to me, and a fantastic bunch of people. I’m having a ball walking with them, and although they are a little older than me, are surprisingly fit and active. I have found so many beautiful places to walk down here that I never knew existed! I really enjoy blogging our walks (I post each walk on my blog), and the club members enjoy reading my posts, and the ones that miss out on the walks can catch up on our adventures ;-). I can’t always walk every weekend, but get out at every chance, and I walk to work as often as possible (6km each way). My fitness has always been pretty good, but is getting better all the time, and I feel fantastic!
        I’m thinking of doing a few posts on some of the equipment I use, and some I make myself (I make zippered bags from waterproof rip-stop nylon for snacks, water filter, dirty boots, etc). They are very handy, and it’s rewarding making my own gear, and also cheap!
        Your blog has been a bit of an inspiration, I found it when I first became interested in walking (and walked on my own), and your videos are most helpful. I have picked up lots of handy hints watching them!
        Appreciate your hard work in putting the blog together, please keep it up! Watching your videos is the next best thing to being there walking in the bush and enjoying the great scenery… (Loved the walk with the waterfall you walked behind, superb)



  2. says

    Hi Caro 😉 First off, great website you got here. First impression is the lovely user-friendly layout along with some beautiful pics! I just watched your video about what to pack for a day hike and don’t think you could have found a better posie in the whole of the Blue Mountains! Great stuff.

  3. Tracey Cox says

    Hey Caro
    Just wanted to say….love your blog. I am a hiker on L plates & over Easter myself & my hiking buddy did the Routeburn Track in NZ.
    I have fallen in love with hiking & am planning more.
    Anyway….back to the point I wanted to make. In preparation for NZ I watched read & googled a whole bunch of stuff you spoke of & mentioned. It was a great help & keep up the good work.
    I am contemplating joining a club….still undecided. Any suggestions on pros/cons.
    Thanks again.

    • says

      Hi Trace, You’ve just made my day! So glad you’ve found it helpful, that’s exactly why I started the blog – to help people who are starting out. Kinda like all the stuff I’ve learnt along the way (and still learning), all in one place. I look forward to hearing more of your adventures. Cheers Caro

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