Lightweight Dental Hygiene

I’ve always thought that the concept of cutting off your toothbrush handle to reduce space and weight in your pack was either a joke, or a bit of an urban myth.

Tim and his weight reduced toothbrush

Lightweight Dental Hygiene

However, as you can see from this shot taken in the Grose Valley last weekend, my mate Dr Tim has proven that it is in fact, a reality.

There are downsides however, as he reports that it’s actually quite tricky to clean your teeth (especially the back ones) without the leverage that a handle gives you…

… who knew?

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  1. Amanda Nelson says

    I’m looking out for one of those ones that you slip over your finger so you still get the leverage. Anyone know where to get them?

  2. Lindsay says

    The cutting off of toothbrush handles seems rather pointless to me. There are lots of other ways to save a few grams before the weight of a toothbrush handle will be significant, and as noted it would be hard to do a proper clean. I use a small toothbrush from an airline amenities bag, which works just fine.

  3. Graeme says

    When I actually did a handful of overnighters back in the 80s (don’t tell anyone – it will ruin my reputation), only ever came across one guy who took a tooth brush. He was also the only one to bring a change of shirt for the second day. Maybe we were an uncouth bunch.

    Re the Blue Gum anniversary. Did you do a video?

    • says

      No video from me for Blue Gum anniversary – one of my party members suffered a painful knee injury, hence we only got as far as Little Blue Gum and didn’t attend the frivolities. I believe that there was a lot of photos and video taken though – keep an eye on Colong Foundation or Dave Noble sites…

      PS: not uncouth… just practical :-)

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