Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Hiking – Video Part 2

... and just because I left you all hanging last time... Here's part 2 of my Kangaroo Island adventure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLwtuWQyy1s … [Read More]

Kangaroo Island 1 Youtube Custom Thumbnail

Walking Kangaroo Island – The Video!

I recently posted about my fun trip hiking on South Australia's Kangaroo Island, but it's taken a while for me to get around to editing the video! Well, wait no more... here is part 1 of my walking … [Read More ]

Using a syringe to transfer sunscreen to a tiny travel bottle.

Pack Weight Saving Tip: Sunscreen

I'm always looking for ways to reduce my overall pack weight, without losing comfort or impacting personal safety. Reason being, I really want to bushwalk long into my 70s (and hopefully 80s) and want to do everything possible to protect my knees and … [Read More]


What is Periscope and why should I use it?

Just when we thought that the world was at capacity for different types of social media networks, along came Periscope (and it's opposition, Meerkat) in March this year. To be honest, I've pretty much ignored it since it started, other than to … [Read More]

Tiramisu Recipe Hiking

Recipe for Tiramisu when hiking

  Here's a completely decadent (yet dead easy) dessert, for when you've had a tough day on the track. I made it on the last day of a 6 day trip to a remote part of Western Australia and it was the perfect celebratory end to a great week … [Read More]

CARE Australia Ambassador

Why should I CARE Australia?

If you're one of the fabulous followers* over on the Lotsafreshair Facebook page, you'll know that I've been quite busy lately as new opportunities emerge like speaking at conferences (would you believe there's 3 in August?!!!) and other … [Read More]

How to find south with the southern cross

How to find South with the Southern Cross

Thinking back to when I made the leap from day walks to overnight walks, I remember being struck (not literally!) by the night sky. The sheer immensity of light and beauty, that danced above my head throughout the night, was one of those awe … [Read More]

How to Pack Cheese for a Hike

How to Pack Cheese for Hiking Lunches

I reckon that one of the best things about spending time in the bush, is being able to enjoy good food out there, with amazing views and great friends. It's just like going to the best restaurant in town, only with a view and ambience that they'll … [Read More]

Give anxiety the thumb!

21 Reasons Why Walking Works

There's very few people I know who don't think about exercise and know that it's something they really should be doing more of. Is it any surprise that IMHO walking is the best exercise that you can do? Although I'm a fan of walking in nature, it … [Read More]

Hiking Bushwalking Australia

The Road Less Travelled – Off Trail Hiking

For people who've only ever walked on defined tracks and trails, the concept that there's a whole other world of exploring and adventuring out there, may come as a shock. It's the world of off trail hiking. I know it came as a shock to me when … [Read More]

Beer in the Bush

Beer in the Bush

Roadtest: Pat's Backcountry Beverages How many times have you finished a tough day's hiking (or bushwalking!), pitched your tent, put the billy on and thought... 'Geez, I wish I had a cold beer.'?  If only I could brew a beer in the bush or that … [Read More]

Lord Howe Island

Hiking The Colours of Australia

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll now that I spend a lot of time hiking in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney and occasionally treat myself and jump further afield to discover other great spots around Australia that offer different … [Read More]