Packing for an overnight bushwalk

I reckon overnight or extended trips into the bush are a little like flying business class (not that I do that a whole lot!). It can take you ages to finally get there, but once you’ve tried it – you never want to go back. It all comes down to taking the right things and packing them in a smart way. Here’s my simple how to pack for an overnight hike video. I hope you find it helpful.

YouTube video

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from the early bushwalking pioneers like Dot Butler, Myles Dunphy or Marie Byles. They used to throw an old pillowcase over their shoulder and sleep under newspaper whilst lying on bracken fern. So although I’d like to think that I’m not a princess, when there’s an option to be a whole lot warmer and comfy, snuggled inside a sleeping bag and under a fly or in a tent, I’m going to take it.

The big hurdle to get over when planning your first overnight trip, is all about gear. What to take and how to pack it.

The key things to consider are:

  • weight
  • bulk/size
  • is it multi-purpose?
  • do you really need it?
  • can you share?
  • safety

Trust me, the lighter your pack – the more you’re going to enjoy yourself.

Download my simple overnight packing list here!

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