Delicious, quick, easy and around 110 calories each

Trailmix Scroggin Cookies

I've always got a handful or two of scroggin in my pack, along with muesli bars as snacks when I'm hiking. Then I came across this recipe from the lovely folk at Mediterranean Market in Queenstown, NZ … [Read More]

Three Peaks Whalania Creek Campsite

The Three Peaks – The Lazy Way

The Three Peaks in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia has been spoken of in hushed and reverent terms by bushwalkers for many decades. There are many stories (tall and true) about the epic feats of … [Read More ]

Closed Cell Foam Matt has multiple uses

5 Bits of Hiking Gear that Make Life Easier

Hiking Gear Tip #4 - Piece of Closed Cell Foam Mat aka "Foamie" A very wise person once told me that everything in your pack should have more than one use. Well, I reckon it would be hard to find something in my backpack that has more uses than … [Read More]

Mt Kosciuszko - Australia's highest mountain

Mt Kosciuszko – Australia’s Highest Mountain

From the DRUANTH (Down-Right-Un-Australian-Not-To-Have) list comes yet another admission from yours truly. Although not strictly on my list as way back in my childhood, back when it was possible to drive from Charlotte Pass to Rawson Pass (up until … [Read More]

Family hike in the Blue Mountains [Pic: Linda Anderson]

Hiking with Kids

[Guest Post : Mums on the Go] When I attended last year's ProBlogger conference it was a whole new world for me. As with all things new, it's always nice to see a touchpoint - something of the familiar - in a completely foreign environment. I found … [Read More]

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 8.59.51 pm

Hiking Huts with Style

I'm all about encouraging people to get into hiking and spending nights in wild places. However, the fact is, that not everyone likes the idea of spending it in a tent, under a fly or even under the stars and for many folk, a hut based experience is … [Read More]

Kepler Track NZ

35 things to Love About New Zealand

I’m going to start this post by ‘fessing up to the fact that I love New Zealand. I’ve often found myself saying that if I didn’t live in Australia, I’d want to live in Wellington (at least on a good day)... with a bach in Picton. I’ve been … [Read More]

How to adjust a backpack

How to Adjust a Backpack

One of the things I really wish I knew in my first year of bushwalking/hiking was How to Adjust a Backpack. For some reason, I had it in my head that the way the shop assistant had fitted the pack to me, was fixed in … [Read More]

The man from Coxs river poster

Movie : The Man from Coxs River

Grab a cuppa guys, this one's a bit of an essay... It's pretty rare that there's a feature film, documentary or otherwise, that aims to get to the true heart of the wild places that many of us love. Therefore, it was with a certain sense of … [Read More]

Yummy happy campers

Dehydrated Dips on a Hike – Field Tip

Just about everyone I know seems to struggle with creative ideas of what to eat for lunch on a hike, especially for multi-day hikes. After many years of experiments, I've now settled with my 'go-to' of dehydrated dips on … [Read More]

Hiking Gear to Make Life Easier - Foldable Lightweight backpacks

5 Bits of Hiking Gear That Make Life Easier

Hiking Gear Tip# 5 - Lightweight Stowable Day Pack   It's been a massive Easter/Anzac Day hiking period for me. Over the last 10 days, I've spent 7 in the great Aussie bush, firstly in Morton National Park and then Kanangra-Boyd … [Read More]

What to Pack for Day Hike. Royal National Park (Australia's First National Park) South of Sydney

What to Pack for a Day Hike

There's nothing quite like that feeling you get from stepping off the pavement, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and venturing out into the wilderness. The fact is, we all lead busy lives so for many of us, going out for a short … [Read More]