How Wilderness makes me feel (Mt Feathertop, Victorian High Country, Australia).

How does wilderness make you feel?

If you found your way to this humble wee blog, I'm gonna kick off by guessing that we share something in common. It's something that I struggle to put words to sometimes, so it's not uncommon … [Read More]

Rosemary on Timms Lookout.jpg

Hot Ideas for Cold Feet

There's something wonderful about snuggling down into your sleeping bag at the end of an active day on the track. But for ages I used to struggle with cold feet keeping me awake. I'm talking … [Read More ]

The man from Coxs river poster

Movie : The Man from Coxs River

Grab a cuppa guys, this one's a bit of an essay... It's pretty rare that there's a feature film, documentary or otherwise, that aims to get to the true heart of the wild places that many of us love. Therefore, it was with a certain sense of … [Read More]

Yummy happy campers

Dehydrated Dips on a Hike – Field Tip

Just about everyone I know seems to struggle with creative ideas of what to eat for lunch on a hike, especially for multi-day hikes. After many years of experiments, I've now settled with my 'go-to' of dehydrated dips on … [Read More]

Hiking Gear to Make Life Easier - Foldable Lightweight backpacks

5 Bits of Hiking Gear That Make Life Easier

Hiking Gear Tip# 5 - Lightweight Stowable Day Pack   It's been a massive Easter/Anzac Day hiking period for me. Over the last 10 days, I've spent 7 in the great Aussie bush, firstly in Morton National Park and then Kanangra-Boyd … [Read More]

What to Pack for Day Hike. Royal National Park (Australia's First National Park) South of Sydney

What to Pack for a Day Hike

There's nothing quite like that feeling you get from stepping off the pavement, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and venturing out into the wilderness. The fact is, we all lead busy lives so for many of us, going out for a short … [Read More]

How hiking makes me feel! (Top of Mt Feathertop, Victorian High Country, Australia).

Welcome to the new look Lotsafreshair Hiking Blog

I know I've been teasing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that some big changes were coming to this hiking blog, so I'm stoked to finally be able to show you all! When I started the blog two years ago, it was all a bit of an experiment, a bit of … [Read More]


The Mysterious Lindeman Pass

I love a good story. And the story of The Lindeman Pass in the Blue Mountains is a cracker. Today I was reminded of this quote by Thomas Edison, which I found inside my daily Happy Pills. So, Edison was obviously passionate, focussed, … [Read More]

Choose poles that are lightweight and fold away to allow for various terrain

Hiking Poles and Nordic Walking – What’s the story?

It's been a few years since I've used hiking poles, but lately I've had a dodgy knee and have thought that they might be helpful once more. Actually, after a rather spectacular face plant whilst trail running a month ago, I've now got two of them. … [Read More]

Veggie Laksa Cooking up a treat.

Hiking Food Review : Strive Food 24hr Ration Pack

Following on from last week's post on Easy Hiking food for Overnight Trips, I was sent some product by the nice folk down in Tassie from Strive Food. I was interested to read that this small, Aussie business has grown from Todd and Melanie's … [Read More]

Special Shoes Hiking Quote

Hiking Quote of the Week

You need special shoes for hiking... and a bit of a special soul, as well ~ Emme Woodhull-Bache … [Read More]

Enjoying the view from Mt Solitary whilst the billy boils.

Easy Hiking Food for Overnight Trips (That’s lightweight too!)

I'm still staggered by the number of people who say that planning and organising food is the issue that stops them from doing overnight hikes. There's really no reason these days for using that excuse and my suspicion is that if you're still using … [Read More]