Where’s your hiking home?

Following on from last week’s post about living in small spaces, I’ve been thinking about where I feel most at home.

I’ve always said, that ‘home should be your refuge’. It’s the place where you can go and shut the door, relax, truly be yourself and be at peace.

I kinda feel like I’ve got two homes… one indoors and one outdoors.

I know I do go on about them, so it’s no surprise that I’m pretty much at home in the Blue Mountains National Park, just west of Sydney. It’s got a great mix of tracked and managed areas, along with intensely wild, untracked wilderness, gorges and canyons. Lots of variety and being a massive 268,987 ha (664,681 acres) in size, there’s plenty of choice and opportunity to get away from civilisation.

So what about you? Where’s your wilderness home?

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  1. Mez says

    Garigal National Park on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It’s very close to home and so close to the centre of Sydney. It’s amazing to be in the middle of the bush, yet so close to the city. I went for a walk there a couple of weeks ago and it was so hot, I stopped by a creek and sat with a family of 8 ducks for about an hour. Just watching them and contemplating life. Definately my spiritual home at the moment.

    • says

      Agree Mez. Great spot. Was that down at the Cascades? I’ve seen eels down there too! You’d never know that there’s a 6 lane road just downstream at the Roseville Bridge, eh?

  2. says

    Mine would be Cathedral Range State Park, near Healesville (or the lesser-known Buxton) in Victoria. It’s the only park that I can’t help but keep going back to again and again.

  3. says

    Kanangra Boyd NP would, without z doubt, be my spiritual bushwalking home.
    I’ve walked there many times every year since 1996.
    I have no plans to stop doing it.

  4. Ken says

    Kosciuszko is always special, just a little less after the fires. Nothing quite like walking from Mawsons Hut to Jagungal on a fine day, or camping at Wheelers Hut, or watching the sunset on Jagungal from amongst the paper daisies in front of Mawsons Hut.

    Actually, anywhere on a nice day, not too hot or hold is great, so I’m claiming everywhere. Sunrise Zoe Beach, Hinchinbrook Island is one of many places.

  5. says

    I’m not sure yet. Let me tell you in a few years when I’ve explored a bit more of the world. Currently, my favourite place I’ve ever hiked was Ben Lomond in Tasmania but perhaps there’s somewhere else I’ll fall in love with after I leave Australia in November to cycle as much of the world as time, finances and desire will allow. I am starting in Patagonia so who knows … :) Though I really hope to hike at the Grand Canyon, in Colorado and in the UK

  6. says

    For me it’s the mountains of Wales, and especially Snowdonia. A few hours drive, but as the road enters Snowdonia I always find myself relaxing and smiling, as if I’m coming home.

  7. says

    Great post. I love the Appalachian Trail in the Delaware Water Gap near Sunfish Pond (lake at the top of a mountain!?) near where New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York come together. Beautiful scenery, and I could sit by that lake for days.

  8. Mick says

    One of the best hikes I ever did was long ago in 1988 as a 17 year old. We caught the train to lithgow then the Zig Zag to Clarence. Walk through the Glow Worm Tunnel to Newness. From there we hiked along the Wolgan River to where it meets the Capertee to form the Colo River. From here there was no longer a trail and we had to make our own all the way to Colo. 9 days sore and wet feet but it was rewarding.

  9. says

    I just came across your site through a posting from Great Walks mag, fantastic to meet a fellow lover of hiking and bushwalking :-) My home is Melbourne and favourite spots are Wilson’s Prom, Grampians NP and Victoria’s high country! Day walks we head up into the Dandenongs, Cathedral Ranges and King Lake NP and any other places we find! When not bushwalking in OZ hubby and I are tramping New Zealand which we love and could easily live there.

    • says

      Lovely to meet you Jayne. Ah, I think I saw your Instagram the other day, yes? Indeed, it’s lovely to meet people with the same (some would say, crazy) passion for the bush. It’s that unwordable something that it makes us feel, eh? I’ve got the Prom and Grampians on my list for sure and also have a soft spot for the Vic High Country. I have happy memories of walking from Bogong to Feathertop between xmas and NYE one year, with NYE on top of Feathertop… it was sublime!
      Thanks so much for stopping by… I’ll go check you out too 😉

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