Hiking on the Gold Coast… Really?

It’s fair to say that there are different types of hikers out there and that the outdoors is a very subjective place. What is one person’s Everest, is another’s anthill.

Mt Tambourine Rainforest

Mt Tambourine Rainforest

For those of us who venture out weekly and find that the weight of an overnight pack on our backs brings a comforting sense of home, it can be easy to forget what it’s like for the rest of the population.

For all those friends and family who think we’re a little nuts and no matter how much we bang on about the unwordable moments of delight we experience in wild places, they will simply never get it.

Recently, I had a great day being hosted by Gold Coast Tourism as part of the ProBlogger Conference which was held at the QT hotel (totally rate it!) at Surfers Paradise. It was a day packed with various adventurous activities, but the one I looked most forward to was the visit to the Skywalk in Mt Tambourine. It was to be the closest I’d get to my beloved wilderness amidst other action packed moments which included jet boating (yes, that’s me clapping and laughing like a child in the front row yelling, ‘faster! faster!’), screaming

Never too old for roller coasters!

Never too old for roller coasters!

down rollercoasters at Movieworld and beer drinking… just not at the same time.

The incredibly lush, green colour of the Mt Tambourine rainforest was a stark contrast to the white sand and blue waters of the coastal areas I’d cycled past in the morning.

A perfect day cycling along the coast to breakfast

A perfect day cycling along the coast to breakfast

As I ventured out onto the raised walkway, high above my normal route, suspended in the canopy I found myself looking around at the other people enjoying the moment. You couldn’t get further away from my usual ragtag bunch of smelly hikers (sorry guys!), but standing in the sunny moment, I was loving this.

Suspended high in the canopy at Mt Tambourine

Suspended high in the canopy at Mt Tambourine

Here was a family business that was set up to allow “the rest of the population”, to enjoy a taste of what us hardened types get to see regularly. All shapes and size, cultures and backgrounds, were breathing in deeply the lush green atmosphere.

Boutique Beer Tasting at MT Brewery

Boutique Beer Tasting at MT Brewery

To be honest, before I went on this day out, I couldn’t think of anywhere less I would want to go, than the Gold Coast. In my head, it was all about highrise buildings, casinos and schoolies (shudder).

However, I very quickly had to change my mind, when I realised that that picture belongs only to Surfers Paradise – one small aspect of the Gold Coast. I can’t wait to go back and discover more hidden gems of this much maligned Aussie holiday icon.

Q: What’s one place that you’ve had to change your mind about when the reality was not what you had been led to believe?

Witches Chase Cheese Platter... to die for!

Witches Chase Cheese Platter… to die for!

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  1. Ken says

    Head to Lamingto NP, either Binna Burra or O’Reilly’s, an hour or hour and a half from Coolangatta for great bushwalking and bird-watching. Or down to Mt Warning, maybe through the Numinbah valley, visiting Natural Bridge. Springbrook has some nice walks as well.

    • says

      Thanks Bluey. I’m a huge fan of Bernard O’Reilly’s writings and love his book, “Green Mountains”, which tells the full story of the Stinson.

      To read such lovely, descriptive and evocative writing, from the hand of essentially a big, tough, Aussie, pioneering bloke is amazing.

      I’ve had the Stinson walk on my wish list for years and hope to do it very soon…

      … Thanks for stopping by!

  2. says

    I have actually found that many places I have been have been different to my expectations. Particularly country towns, as everyone is quick to stereotype them as a “hole”. One that springs to mind is Longreach – such a small place, but I found it so interesting and quite beautiful. On the negative side, LA – I was expecting it to be more like the Gold Coast, but it was actually desert, very little greenery and incredibly dry.
    Glad you liked your trip to Qld!

    • says

      Hi Lucinda, I couldn’t agree more about LA! I found it to be a desert in more ways than one 😉
      Visiting country towns can be great. I must put Longreach on the list!

      Thanks for stopping by.. :-)

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