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When I started this blog thingy, I didn’t really know what people wanted to see. To be honest, I’ve been a wee bit surprised when digging around in the background and seeing which posts turned out to be the most popular!

Surprise, surprise. You lot quite enjoy reading trip reports. Really? Huh.

Huayhuash Circuit - Day 9

Huayhuash Circuit (Peru) – Day 9

So I’ve decided to start posting rants and raves about my various outdoorsy adventures… and as I tend to get out around 7 times per month, I should have plenty of fodder for you my pretties!

Ah, but before I get cracking, I should warn you. I’m not going to be writing too much about the specifics of tracks, routes, grid references and locations, etc. As many of my adventures are off track and require traditional compass and topographic map navigation, it would be pretty dodgy of me to be putting that type of stuff out there and potentially leading people astray… nay!

If you’re an experienced hiker / bushwalker from the Sydney region, you’ll probably recognise many of the places and photographs. I just ask that you be a bit circumspect in your comments to avoid over-sharing of the details of our precious places :-)

Don’t worry – I’m not elitist though! If you’d like to know more about these places and experience them for yourself – I recommend you join a bushwalking club. Not only will you meet a bunch of like-minded people, but they’ll teach you all you need to know and take you out into these wild and wonderful places. To find a club near you, visit Bushwalking NSW or Bushwalking Australia if you’re from another state.

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    loving the blog, the scenery and the pictures, have subscribed to your youtube channel today also, some really good information presented in very good quality videos, thanks

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    Hey! I’ll be pretty excited to read your rants about adventures! When you have rants that are particularly good do you mind if I add them to my adventure directory page? I want to build up a list of awesome iconic trips around the various states!

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