Volunteering in the Outdoors

One thing that I’m convinced about in this crazy life, is that we’re not just put here on this amazing planet for our own benefit.

Something as simple as giving someone a smile or a random act of kindness, has the ability to give light to someone’s life. I consider myself so incredibly blessed in many ways, that when faced with the opportunity to help out, I find myself saying, ‘How can I not …?’

Looking for how you can be involved?

Looking for how you can be involved?

So when I first got into the outdoors over 10 years ago, I was excited to hear about the work of the Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad or BWRS and to be able to join this great squad.

Yes, a small little band of quiet achievers, we have tended not to promote ourselves in the past, but recently we came to the attention of the Sydney Morning Herald journalist Nick Ralston.

After a couple of phone interviews and an early morning photo shoot, with the help of our colleagues from Police Rescue and Bomb Disposal Squad, a great article appeared in last weekend’s newspaper.

So, if you found yourself reading that article, or reading this and wondering how you can use your existing outdoors and wilderness skills to help out in the Community… why not look to see if there’s a volunteer land search and rescue unit in your area, like us!

There’s probably loads of different organisations out there who are looking for keen volunteers. Anything from Landcare and Bush Regeneration groups, to Scouts and Girl Guides. The skills you have learnt over the years are valuable and you have the ability to share these with others and pass on the knowledge, or simply offer some muscle where it’s most needed.

… oh and if you’re in New South Wales, Australia, we’d love to hear from you!

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    I also recently had a ‘why don’t I volunteer in the outdoors’ moment and joined the Scouts as a leader. I’ve been with my local Scout group for a month and just last week submitted my paperwork to start the formal training process to become a uniformed member. It is a good feeling to know that I will be helping tomorrow’s outdoors men and women learn their skills and gain confidence.


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