The Longest Walk in Sydney

That’s a pretty big claim, the longest walk in Sydney, eh? Well, I reckon that this track (or collection of tracks all joined together) has every right to the title. It stretches from “Home and Away central”, at Barrenjoey Lighthouse, Palm Beach in the north… all the way to Otford in the south and if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll be stretching out for 315km to complete it. The great news is that you don’t need to tackle it in one go. In many ways, this is the perfect project to keep dipping into, with new sections done each weekend. A great challenge to set yourself, or even as a family.  

YouTube video

Sydney Harbour and Coastal Walk

As Phil says in the video above, the genius of this walk is that it links together existing tracks, trails, green spaces and a few roads, to give you a continuous walking experience that skirts the watery fringe of Sydney’s harbour.

And not one to be doing things by halves, this walk doesn’t just stick to the eastern coastal fringe, but leads you all the way west to Parramatta along the river… and back again!

Sydney Coastal Walk
Looking south towards Sydney along the route

I joined the inaugural trek for a couple of days and enjoyed getting to hear about the walk and how it came about.

In a city that is blessed with an abundance of National Parks and a ludicrous amount of great beaches and awe inspiring coastal cliff tops, it makes a lot of sense to design a walk that takes them all in and that’s exactly what Phil and his team have done. It was a mammoth effort of co-ordination, bringing many different local councils, government departments and other organisations together with a common goal.

Walking in Sydney
Walking underneath the Gladesville Bridge on the south side of the Parramatta River

But the REAL genius, lies in the fact that you don’t have to do it all in one hit. Although they completed the first walk in 30 days (I reckon fit and fast walkers could do it in around 15-20), staying each night at local accommodation along the way, there are so many trail-heads, start or finish options along the way (many with public transport), that you can jump in and out wherever you please.

Sydney Walking
Public transport is available to much of the walk.
Sydney Walking
Walking through local reserves uncovers many historical points of interest

Maps and Route Details

There’s a handy online Google map available that outlines not just the Sydney Harbour and Coastal track, but many other walking routes available throughout greater Sydney. 

The southern end of the walk, from Cronulla, takes you along the epic Royal Coast Track, through the beautiful Royal National Park.

Sydney walks map
Walk beside Sydney’s beautiful waterways
Royal Coast Walk
At the north end of the Coast Track, heading south.
Walking in Sydney
One of several beach sections on the Coast Track.

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