My Hiking Nemesis

The lovely Neil from Bushwalking Blog recently asked me to write a guest post on one of my favourite walks.

In the article, I go into detail about the special place that is the Blue Gum Forest, deep in the Grose Valley of the upper Blue Mountains and describe the grunt, groan and sweat that I go through every time I ascend, the quad-burning heights of Perrys Lookdown.

The valley suffered badly from the fires of January 2020 and whilst it’s currently still closed (as at Aug 2020) to allow for track rebuilding, regeneration and safety, the word from authorised people, is that the regrowth is encouraging.

Fingers crossed it won’t be long until we can once again enjoy this precious place and hug a blue gum or three.

In the meantime, check out the article and walk description on Neil’s blog.

A tree hugger from way back!
A tree hugger from way back!

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