Mt Paralyser and other names that inspire fear

When looking over the topographic maps for the southern parts of the Blue Mountains, especially the Kanangra-Boyd Wilderness area, a virgin navigator would be forgiven for never wanting to step foot in this part of the world, due to the array of fear inducing, high blood-pressure invoking place names.

After putting off tackling Mt Paralyser all my life, I found myself there twice last year. They were both such enjoyable trips (thanks Roysta for the first one and then I led this group from Sydney Bush Walkers club there a few months later), that I wonder why I put it off for so long.

Here’s a selection of my favourite gut-wrenching, fear inducing Kanangra-Boyd place names:

  • Mt Paralyser
  • Mt Strongleg
  • Mt Despond
  • Mt Great Groaner
  • Mt Savage
  • Mt Misery
  • Mt Hopeless
  • Sombre Dome

… I wonder if I can plan a route that will take in all of them in the one trip? :-)

What are some place names that you visit which would put off the less fearless? Please share your suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. says

    Such a great area isn’t it!

    Some areas that I have visited that are of the fear instilling theme (but at the same time draw me to them!) within the Kanangra-Boyd area include:

    Pooken Hole (The den of the ‘Pooken’ mist monster)
    Murdering Gully
    Tartarus Deep (Tartarus was a deep ‘Hell like’ abyss used as a dungeon of torture and suffering in greek mythology)
    Dark Angel Ridge
    Cronus Falls
    Headless Rider Point
    Mt Cyclops
    and you can’t forget the Rip, Rack, Roar and Rumble knolls!

    • says

      Great list. Sounds like a scene list from the next series of Game of Thrones!
      I have to confess that I do call Cloudmaker the “5th R… Ratsh*t” That’s how I feel when I get to the top!
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. Nicholas says

    Gloom & doom in Victoria:
    Mt Disappointment, Mt Despair, The Pimple, Mt Terrible, Mt Tempest, Mt Buggery (& another Mt Buggaree), Forlorn Hope, Mt Delusion, Mt Baldhead, Fainting Range, Mt Misery, Mt Fatigue, Hells Gate (North & South), Mt Separation, Mt Difficult, & Asses Ears.

    On the ‘nice’ side of the ledger: Mt Useful, Mt Welcome, Gentle Annie.

  3. says

    In Qld we have Mt Warning. Also, on the Milford Track in NZ there is a place called Roaring Burn – a stunningly beautiful series of waterfalls. But I think it’s is a description of how your legs are feeling at this point!

  4. Karl says

    Hey Caro, Great video. Many a fond memory of Mt P – half way there. Remind me to go on overnight walks with Jim if trout are on offer. Cheers Karl


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